Bicycling in Chatham - Trail Maps, General Information and Bike Safety Links

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Biking in Chatham: Safety on Two Wheels

YouTube Video by Friends of Chatham Bikeway

Bicycling in Chatham Cape Cod Rail Trail

OCRT and scenic share-the-road routes

Old King's Highway Regional Historic District

Biking along and near Route 6A

Cape Cod Bicycling Trails

Maps and information on other paved and off-road trails

Cape Cod Regional Bike and Pedestrian Plan

More trail information, with photos

MA Bicycle Paths

Maps and other bike trails across the state

General Information:



News and Upcoming Events

Friends of Chatham Bikeways

Mass Bike

Statwide non-profit organization promoting better biking

Bike Safety:



OCRT Rules and Regulations

Bike Safety and Etiquette