George Ryder Forest Conservation Area

  • Purchased in 1977
  • $70,000
  • 8.2 acres
  • Pull off parking available along George Ryder Road

George Ryder Forest is off George Ryder Road, and is bordered to the north by Mary's Pond, Barclay Pond, and Chatham Conservation Foundation property.

The property was purchased for conservation, recreation, and watershed purposes.

Trail maintenance occurs yearly in the fall. The trail is narrow and has a small downhill near Mary's Pond. The trail base is sand or leaf litter.

Predominant vegetation includes: oak, cedar, pitch pine, viburnums, clethra, and poison ivy. George Ryder Forest is also a habitat for unique, threatened vegetation and other native shrubs. The property contains Cape Cod pathways trails.

Deer ticks are prevalent and poison ivy is adjacent to the trail.

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