Goose Pond Forest

  • Areas were purchased in 1985 and 1988
  • $481,000 and $742,700
  • 73.24 acres
  • Parking at the Fishermens Landing off Old Queen Anne Road

It was purchased for conservation and passive recreation purposes.

The property is made up of freshwater wetland and forest habitat. The property contains priority and estimated rare species habitat. The site has multiple natural resource values: including two vernal pools, Goose Pond, open space, and walking trails.

There is an extensive trail system that meanders through the property providing visitors a view of various habitats.

Parking away from the gate on Middle Road and walking up Broken Back Hill Road is conducive for those with disabilities. There is a small incline at the start, but the trail is fairly flat and wide. The road is a gravel base.

Chatham Conservation Property Goose Pond Conservation Area Map