Morris Island Dike Conservation Area

  • Purchased 1972
  • $826,700
  • 18 acres
  • Roadside pull-off parking

In the late 1950s, Morris Island Dike was created and acquired by the Town of Chatham for public use and highway purposes. At the March 6, 1961 town meeting, an article was approved to dedicate the land to preservation and conservation purposes.

Morris Island Dike Conservation Area listed as being 18 acres in the assessors database, is split in two by Morris Island Road. The area consists of dune and salt marsh vegetation. The shoreline area around Morris and Monomoy Island has changed over time, due to varying sediment transportation patterns.

While Stage Harbor and Chatham Harbor have been connected at some points in time, the creation of the Morris Island dike stopped flow between the two.

A portion of the property is protected by a Conservation Restriction. The entire property is in the coastal floodplain.

Town of Chatham Conservation Property Morris Island Dike Map