Rules Governing Conservation Lands

Town of Chatham
Rules Governing Use of Land under
Conservation Commission Control

  1. All are welcome to enjoy themselves without charge in the conservation areas of the Town of Chatham from 1/2 hour before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset.
  2. No cars, trucks, or any other motored vehicles or tools except for municipal vehicles are allowed, except on roads and parking areas so designated by the Commission.
  3. No type of vehicle, including but not limited to mountain bikes, motorcycles of any kind, snow mobiles or similar machines, three or four-wheeled all terrain vehicles may operate except in areas so designated by the Commission.
  4. If not posted, areas may be hunted, fished or shellfished in season with license and in accord with applicable laws.
  5. Except for licensed hunting in permitted areas, no person shall trap, catch, injure, destroy or interfere in any way with birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals or any other wild animals.
  6. No person shall cut, break, remove, deface, defile, or ill-use any structure, fence, sign or have possession of any part thereof.
  7. No trees, bushes, plants or flowers shall be defaced, cut or removed, nor shall trails be cut or marked, nor dams built nor any structure be constructed without express written authorization from the Conservation Commission.
  8. No site alteration such as digging, addition or removal of soil or stone, or planting is permitted without express written authorization of the Commission.
  9. Overnight camping is not allowed in any area except as authorized in writing by the Commission.
  10. No open fires are permitted without express written permission from the Commission. No burning of rubbish is permitted at any time.
  11. No fireworks are permitted.
  12. Alcohol is prohibited.
  13. Dumping of material of any kind is prohibited, including yard debris.
  14. Use by groups or for commercial activities may be permitted, but only with prior written authorization from the Commission.
  15. These regulations can be enforced by the authorized agents of the Board of Selectmen, the Chatham Police Department, and/or the Conservation Agent.
  16. Each violation hereof shall be punished by a fine of not more than one hundred dollars ($100).
  17. The invalidity of any section or provision of these regulations shall not invalidate any other section or provision thereof.

Adopted November 5, 2003