Chatham Fish Pier

The Chatham Fish Pier serves as a thriving coastal commercial establishment as well as a popular tourist attraction. The Chatham Fish Pier site is comprised of the following components:

  • Fish Packing Building
  • Observation Deck at the Fish packing Building
  • Wharfinger Building and access stairs from the upper parking lot.
  • Waterfront structures and infrastructure


There are several important points of fact that may impact how the Town views the future of this facility. Although the Town of Chatham is the largest tourist destination on the Cape, and the Fish Pier Observation Deck is the largest tourist destination in Chatham, the primary use of this facility is to support the Commercial Fishing Industry. Presently, the peak commercial fishing season overlaps with the peak tourism season, such that both uses are operating at their peak capacity at the same time.

Overall Site Assessment & Facility Conditions Report 09/01/2016 (PDF)

Project Documents