Xeriscape the Cape

Environmentally Friendly Landscape Alternatives

Environmentally sound landscape alternatives for Chatham yards can provide:

  • Shade
  • Beauty
  • Color

Additionally, xeriscaping can save you:

  • Water
  • Time
  • Money

How Do You Xeriscape?

Xeriscape means low maintenance landscaping but does not mean zero maintenance. Careful pruning, weeding, and watering will increase your water savings and the beauty of your creative efforts.

Start with a plan, and group plants, shrubs and trees together according to their water needs. Place plants that require the most watering close to the house or in shade areas for greater water savings. Limit turf areas. Consider different types of ground cover, bark, stone, pine needles, etc. Grass requires a lot of maintenance, watering, mowing, etc., use it only where it will provide functional or recreational benefit. Use water stingy plants. You will discover that there are many beautiful plants that are so well adapted to our climate that require just the right amount of water nature provides. Check our lists of trees, ground covers, and perennials.

Install an efficient irrigation system with rain sensors, timing devices, and backflow prevention devices. Consider a drip irrigation system for trees, shrubs, and ground covers. They deliver water where it is needed most, at the roots and the water is not lost to evaporation.

Improve the soil. Compost and mulch are the best gifts you can give your soil. Use organic mulches, such as bark mulch, as it breaks down it will provide nutrition to the plants, improve water absorption, and protect plants from severe heat in summer and winter kill by frost. Inorganic ground covers, such as gravel, minimize evaporation and reduce weed growth. Remember to cover the soil or you will lose water to evaporation and nutrients to nature.