Treasurer / Collector

Fiscal Year Tax Rate

The Town of Chatham Fiscal Year 2024 Tax Rate has been set at $3.57 per $1,000.

Pay Bills Online

This is a fee-based service. A service fee of 2.95% with a minimum of $1 will be applied to all debit and credit card payments. All automated clearing house (ACH) payments are now free of charge.

Email City Hall Systems customer service call  508-381-5455, or by multilingual online chat.

Please note: Credit card payments are accepted online and in-person at the Treasurer/Collectors Office for all tax bills. We continue to accept payments via cash and checks.

Current Mailing Address

In order to avoid not receiving tax bills on time, please keep the Registry of Motor Vehicles, your local tax assessor and the U.S. Post Office aware of your current mailing address.

Online Payments Options

As a reminder, online features include e-billing, a single shopping cart for multiple bill types, as well as giving the online user the ability to view and print original bill copies for this current or past fiscal year which will be useful when filing annual taxes. All ACH (electronic check) transactions are free of charge, we now accept VISA cards in addition to the cards previously offered and credit/debit card payments are charged 2.95% ($1 minimum) of the amount charged.

Online Taxpayer Information Sheet FY24

For more information, please read the Online Taxpayer Information Sheet.

If you have questions, please call Sharon Drown, Treasurer/Tax Collector at 508-945-5108. Email City Hall Systems customer service call 508-381-5455,  or by multilingual online chat.

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