Human Services Committee

Mission/Charge Statement


The mission of the Town of Chatham's Human Services Committee is to help enhance the quality of life of all Chatham residents through access to various health and human services administered by non-profit 501(c)(3) area providers.  Committee members annually review and assess town funding requests from service providers and make recommendations to the Town Manager.

 In addition, the committee makes town residents aware of available town-funded services through the maintenance of a widely distributed brochure and updated Human Services committee webpage available on the Town website.  

 The Human Services Committee is an advisory committee.  Its members are appointed by the Select Board.  The committee is composed of 9 members and is supported by a town staff liaison.  The Committee has a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers of Chatham, making sure tax dollars are used wisely for the citizens of Chatham.

 The scope of the work is as follows:

  • Develop and recommend to the Town Manager Request for Proposals (RFP) for eligible service provider agencies.
  • Review proposals by site visits, interviews and/or contacts to determine proposed service benefit to Chatham residents, seeking additional information as needed.
  • Review and discuss proposals among Committee members.
  • Determine appropriate funding amount for each proposal and make funding recommendation to the Town Manager.
  • Prepare and present annual reports to the Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee as requested.
  • Develop and recommend to the Town Manager an RFP for third-party administrator of the Chatham Child Care Voucher Program.
  • Review and discuss proposals for Chatham Child Care Voucher Program administrator annually and make recommendation to Town Manager.
  • Advocate annually for funding of the Human Services budget.
  • Produce and distribute a brochure listing currently funded agencies.
  • Maintain an updated list of funded agencies on the Human Services webpage of the town website.

Submitting Electronic Correspondence

Please submit correspondence to the Staff Liaison. Please note that all such electronic correspondence is considered a public record. Correspondence containing requests for public records will be responded to by the Staff Liaison in compliance MGL Ch. 66, §10 within 10 days of receipt. All other correspondence and materials submitted will be forwarded by the Staff Liaison to the Board/Committee Chair, with a copy to Members/Commissioners and person sending request/comment, for potential scheduling of discussion on an upcoming public meeting agenda.


  • Ann Wade, Chair
    Term expires: 2025
  • Randi Potash, Vice-Chair
    Term expires: 2025
  • Joanne Donoghue, Member
    Term expires: 2025
  • Kathleen A. Motz, Member
    Term expires: 2024
  • Paul Brown, Member
    Term expires: 2026
  • Susan Whitcomb, Member
    Term expires: 2026
  • Gloria Hicks, Member
    Term expires: 2026
  • Mary Hilliard, Member
    Term expires: 2026
  • Vacancy, Member
    Term expires: 2024
  • Jeffrey S. Dykens, Select Board Liaison 

Staff Contacts