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  1. Applications for funds under the Community Preservation Act (CPA) must be made to the CPC, which will review, advise the applicants, and vote on submitting the application as an article for the Town Meeting Warrant
  2. The CPC will meet to review applications for CPA Funds. It is available to meet with any individual or group which submits an application, or wishes to preview an application prior to submitting a complete application. Please call the chairperson to be placed on the agenda.
  3. Applications and all supporting materials should be submitted prior to November 1 for consideration at the Annual Town Meeting in May of the following year.
  4. Applications should be made on-line using the form at the bottom of this page. Either attach electronic files of additional documentation, such as maps, diagrams, and/or photos that pertain to your project, or submit 12 paper copies of brochures, plans or other material that cannot be scanned to the attention of Carrie Mazerolle, Finance Director, Town of Chatham, 549 Main Street, Chatham MA  02633. 
  5. The CPC may only approve proposals which meet the following criteria:
    1. The acquisition, creation and preservation of open space.
    2. The acquisition, preservation, rehabilitation and restoration of historic buildings and resources.
    3. The creation, preservation and support of affordable/community housing for individuals and families at 100% or below area median income.
    4. The acquisition, creation, rehabilitation and preservation of land for recreational purposes.
    5. Rehabilitation, or restoration of such open space, historic buildings, or community housing that is acquired or created with CPA funds.
  6. CPA funds may not be used for maintenance, or to acquire or create or preserve facilities or land for a stadium, gymnasium or similar structure.
  7. Funds would be available on July 1 following approval at the Annual Town Meeting. Projects may have timelines extending to a maximum of five years after which funding will be discontinued. Annual updates on progress of the project are required.
  8. A deed of preservation or conservation restriction may be required.
  9. For examples of projects throughout the Commonwealth and additional information,  view the Community Preservation Coalition webpage.

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