Mitchell River Bridge Project

The Mitchell River Bridge has been identified as structurally deficient by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT). As part of the State’s ongoing efforts to improve bridge safety throughout the Commonwealth, the bridge has been placed within the Accelerated Bridge Program. MassDOT and their engineering consultant, URS Inc. are continuing to work with the Town of Chatham to facilitate the design and construction of a "context sensitive" new bridge.

The recent determination by the Keeper of the National Register of Historic Places in October 2010, that the Mitchell River Bridge iseligible for listing on the National Register, necessitates conducting a collaborative consultation procedure known as the “Section 106 Process”. FHWA/MassDOT formally initiated this process on January 25, 2011, where they reviewed with the identified consulting parties, the process to be followed in exploring measures to avoid, minimize and mitigate identified adverse effects associated with the proposed replacement of the Mitchell River Drawbridge.

The Board of Selectmen have designated the Capital Projects Review Committee (CPRC) to be the Town's design contact throughout the balance of the process. Additional informational sessions will be scheduled throughout the design process in order to allow the public ample opportunity to participate in the design process. In addition, formal public hearings will be scheduled at the 25% and 75% design stages for this project. Questions and comments may be directed to: Ted Keon, Coastal Resource Director (508) 945-5176.

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