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Town of Chatham Irrigation System Survey

  1. 1. Does the property have an irrigation system as defined by the Town of Chatham Water Rules and Regulations, Article VI, Section 1, Definition: Irrigation System - a. system of sprinkler heads attached to underground pipes?*

    If NO, please skip questions 2-5 and submit your response.

  2. 2. Is the irrigations system connected to a private well?

    If YES, please skip questions 3-5 and submit your response.

  3. 3. If the system is not on a private well, is the property's irrigation system registered?

    If YES, please skip to question 5.

  4. 4. If the answer to 3 was NO, was the irrigation system installed prior to January 1, 2021?

    If YES, please complete the Irrigation Registration form and return with $50 registration fee and proof of irrigation installation date prior to January 1, 2021.

    If NO, your irrigation system must be disconnected from the municipal water supply and connected to a private well.

  5. 5. Does the irrigation system have a separate meter installed for the irrigation system?

    If YES, or if you have applied and paid for a second meter dedicated to the irrigation system and are awaiting installation, thank you for complying with our regulations.

    If NO, please complete the Irrigation Meter application and return with $200 fee.

  6. Thank you for completing the Irrigation System Survey!

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