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Film Permit Application


  1. 1. Section 1: Application Process and Fee
  2. 2. Section 2: Application Information
  3. 3. Section 3: Approvals, Conditions, Requirements (Town of Chatham Use Only)
  4. 4. Special Approval/Requirements (Town of Chatham Use Only)
  • Section 1: Application Process and Fee

    1. Town of Chatham - Film Permit Application

      Film productions and/or filming activities may not commence until Film Permit and/or Location Contract is approved

      $50 Standard Processing Fee, or $150 Special Processing Fee (may apply to projects that involve extensive planning or services by town departments and/or significant impact or complexity of the project.) Note: Application fees do not cover any additional costs that may be incurred or required by the Town of Chatham. In some cases a negotiated contract may be required.

      Applications with applicable fee (check or money order made out to: Town of Chatham)

      Please submit to: Chatham Police Department, Office of the Chief of Police, 249 George Ryder Road Chatham, MA 02633, 508-945-1213