Airport Commission

Vision and Mission Statements for the Chatham Municipal Airport

Vision Statement—The Chatham Airport Commission envisions the Chatham Municipal Airport as an integral transportation component in southeastern Massachusetts that will serve the region well into the 21st century.

Mission Statement—The mission of the Chatham Municipal Airport Commission is to support the use of the Airport as a general aviation facility that: 1) focuses on the needs of the private pilot, aircraft owner, flying public and aviation enthusiast; and 2) provides quality service, educational activities and community focused events.  The Airport Commission has the care, custody and responsibility for the management of Chatham Municipal Airport and exercises its rights under the Massachusetts General Laws, CHAPTER 90, Sections 51E through 51N.  Accordingly, the Chatham Municipal Airport is a safety-minded, community-based, environmentally friendly aviation center and a good neighbor while enhancing all facets of the general aviation experience.

Please submit correspondence to the Airport Commission's electronic mailbox. Please note that all such electronic correspondence is considered a public record. Correspondence containing requests for public records will be responded to by Town Staff in compliance MGL Ch. 66, §10 within 10 days of receipt. All other correspondence and materials submitted will be forwarded to the Airport Commission Chair, Airport Manager and Staff Liaison.

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To view meeting minutes, materials submitted for discussion, and presentations made to the Chatham Airport Commission at its public meetings, please click here. Once on the Airport Commission's portion of the website, scroll to the meeting of interest and select the "Documents Available" link, and scroll to select document(s).


To review video recordings of past Airport Commission meetings they can be found on the Town's Website by clicking "OnDemand Archive", typing “Airport” in the search bar and then navigating to select the specific meeting(s) of interest.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Terry Whalen Staff Liaison 508-945-5194


Name Title
Huntley Harrison Chair (2021)
Peter Donovan Vice Chair (2022)
Michael Geylin Clerk (2023)
David Owens Member (2022)
Theodore Burke Member (2023)
Susan Wilcox Member (2023)
Michael Cortese Member (2021)
Peter K. Cocolis BOS Liaison