Boat Excise

The boat excise tax is imposed for the privilege of using the waterways of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  

To change/cancel your boat registration you have to do that with the Environmental Police.

If you sold your boat please complete bill of sale and return to our office.

If you own a boat and it is habitually situated, moored or docked in Chatham you need to pay annual taxes known as Boat Excise. This is in addition to any Mooring or Waterway fees by the Town of Chatham, etc. We obtain information from multiple sources when producing the Boat Excise Bills.  Boat Excise Tax runs on the Fiscal Year of July 1-June 30. Bills are usually sent out in Dec or Jan of the FY. 

All Boat Owners must complete and return the State Tax Form 2BE-1 by Aug 1 annually with the Assessing office. Notice of this was included in the FY18 Boat Excise bills mailed Feb 2018. This notice can be found HERE.

Some Commercial Vessels are Exempt from Taxation. Please contact the Assessors Office for more information. The first step to an Abatement for Boat Excise as a Commercial Fisherman is filing the State Tax Form 2BE-1 along with a copy of your Commercial Fishing License and your most recent Tax return with the Assessing Department indicating Commercial Fishing as your primary occupation. 

Vessels are taxed according to the following schedule based on Age and Length:

Boat Excise Valuation Schedule: Taxes are $10.00 per thousand of valuation. 


Under 16' feetNO TAXNO TAXNO TAX
16', but less than 17.5'$1,500NO TAXNO TAX
17.5', but less than 20'$3,000$2,000$1,500
20', but less than 22.5'$5,000$3,300$2,500
22.5', but less than 25'$7,500$5,000$3,800
25', but less than 27.5'$10,500$7,000$5,300
27.5', but less than 30'$14,000$9,300$7,000
30', but less than 35'$18,500$12,300$9,300
35', but less than 40'$24,000$16,000$12,000
40', but less than 50'$31,500$21,000$15,800
50', but less than 60'$41,000$27,300


60' or longer$50,000$33,000$24,800