Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan Final Needs Assessment Report - Aug 1999

Disclaimer: The Needs Assessment Report available below was completed in August 1999, since that time critical new information has been produced through the Massachusetts Estuaries Project relating to watersheds, coastal embayment nitrogen loading, freshwater resources, and future conditions.

The reader is thus cautioned that relevant sections of chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 are now out of date.

A Supplemental Needs Assessment Report describing the new, updated information will be available in Spring 2004.



Cover and Table of Contents

Includes Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, List of Tables, List of Figures, List of Appendices

Executive Summary


Chapter 1 Introduction

Includes Project Identification and Purpose, Project Background and Issues, Project Scope, Environmental Review Process, Planning Period, and Purpose and Organization of the Needs Assessment Report

Chapter 2 Data Review

Includes Introduction, Technical Reports and Data, and Mapping

Chapter 3 Regulatory Issues

Includes Introduction, State Regulatory Issues, Regional Regulatory Issues, Federal Regulatory Issues, and Town of Chatham Regulations and By-Laws

Chapter 4 Existing Environmental Resources and Demographics

Includes Introduction, Natural Resources, Land Use and Zoning, and Town Demographics

Chapter 5 Existing Water and Wastewater Infrastructure

Includes Existing Centralized Water Pollution Control Facility, Existing Wastewater Collection System, Existing On-Site Systems, Water Supply and Usage, Town-Wide Wastewater Flows and Loadings, Flow and Load Reduction Opportunities, Stormwater Discharges and Impacts, and Marine Pumpout Facilities

Chapter 6 Future Conditions

Includes Introduction, Growth plan, Buildout Analysis, Future Population, Future Water Demand & Capacity, Future Wastewater, Septage, trap Grease and Marine Waste Generation, and Future Nitrogen Loading to Coastal Embayments

Chapter 7 Areas of Concern

Includes Introduction, Coastal Embayments Watersheds, Industrially Zoned Areas, High Groundwater Areas and 100-Year Flood Zones, Areas with Low Permeability Soils, Buffer Areas Around Fresh Water Ponds and Lakes, and Non-Problem Areas.

Chapter 8 Needs Assessment Summary

Includes Introduction, Centralized Wastewater Facilities, Nitrogen Loading to Coastal Embayments, Water Supply Issues, Wastewater Areas of Concern, No Action Alternative, Stormwater Discharges, Institutional Issues, Data Gaps, and Next Steps to identify Solutions for Wastewater Needs.
Chapter 9 Public Participation Program