Draft Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan, April 2008

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Secretaries Certificate

The Certificate of the Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs on the Draft CWMP/Environmental Impact Report, Issued June 13, 2008

Note to Readers

Note to Readers

Report Cover

Color Front Cover

Inside Cover

Inside Cover

Transmittal Letter

Transmittal Letter to Secretary of Energy & Environmental Affairs

Distribution List

List of agencies and individuals required to receive the document

Executive Summary

This is the Executive Summary of the Draft Document

Table of Contents

Table of Contents




Acronyms - common terms used in the Report

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

Summary of Previous Documents prepared for the Chatham CWMP

Chapter 3

Public Participation Program

Chapter 4

Massachusetts Estuaries Project and Nitrogen Limit Development

Chapter 5

Centralized Wastewater Evaluations

Chapter 6

Decentralized Wastewater Evaluations

Chapter 7

Summary of Evaluations for Treated Water Recharge/Reuse

Chapter 8

Flow and Loading Reduction and Non-Wastewater Nitrogen Mitigation Alternatives

Chapter 9

Identification and Evaluation of Alternative Management Plans

Chapter 10

Summary of Environmental Impact Analysis

Chapter 11

Summary of Recommended Plan

Chapter 12

Notice of Project Change Request for Lapse of Time Since Previous Secretaries Certificate




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Appendix A

October 29, 1999 Certificate of the Secretary of Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA)

Appendix B

April 9, 2004 Certificate of the Secretary of Executive Office of Environmental Affairs (EOEA) on Notice of Project Change

Appendix C

Action Plan for the Town of Chatham Ponds, November 2003

Appendix D

Technical Memorandum on findings ofUSGS Modeling for Effluent Recharge Alternatives and Effects on a Landfill Plum, July 2005, and Preliminary USGS Particle Track Figures 1-7

Appendix E

Infiltration Loading Test Report, July 2006

Appendix F

Treated Water Recharge Site Evaluations, June 2007

Appendix G

Technical Memorandum on Groundwater Modeling, June 2007, and MassDEP Review Letter dated December 2006

Appendix H

Administrative Consent Order with DEP, September 1998

Appendix I

Public Outreach Flyers

Appendix J

Cockle Cove Salt Marsh Nitrogen Threshold Technical Memorandum and Response to Comments

Appendix K

Analysis of Coastal Processes for the Chatham South Coast Between Mill Creek and Bucks Creek

Appendix L

Bucks Creek: Wastewater Modeling Scenarios

Appendix M

Centralized Wastewater Collection and Treatment Technology Descriptions

Appendix N

Decentralized Wastewater Technology Descriptions

Appendix O

Voluntary National Guidelines for Management of Onsite and Clustered Wastewater Treatment Systems

Appendix P

Treated Water Recharge Technologies

Appendix Q

Groundwater Modeling/Particle Track Figures

Appendix R

Rules and Regulations of the Sewer Department

Appendix S

"Nitrogen Loading Regulation", May 11, 2006

Appendix T

WWTF Site USDA Letters (Wildlife, Historic, etc.)

Appendix U

PreliminarySewershed Layouts

Appendix V

Town of Chatham 2005 Fiscal Analysis

Appendix W

Town of Chatham 2006 Fiscal Analysis

Appendix X

Groundwater Monitoring Program Items