Wild Land Fire Protection and Preparedness

Chatham has Wildland Fire Protection and Preparedness Plans for Goose Pond Complex and Town Forest. These plans were written in order to mitigate wildfire impacts on town owned lands, increase citizen awareness, firefighter and public safety. The Town of Chatham has a Wildfire Management Team comprised of the Fire, Water & Sewer ,Health, Park & Recreation and Public Works Departments. Priority action items have been identified and started at Goose Pond Complex and Town Forest. As funding becomes available additional items will be completed.

The Town was fortunate to have Barnstable County Americorps FireCorps serve for an entire week at the Town Forest in 2013. They assisted with creating a 100 foot buffer between the northern portion of the Town Forest and homes. As well, individual wildfire property home assessments were offered in the fall/winter 2012/2013 for Goose Pond and Town Forest abutters.  

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