Council on Aging

COA Mission Statement
We support Chatham residents age 60 and over with a range of health and wellness, social, educational and outreach programs and services to enhance the quality of their lives.  We welcome the support of Chatham residents of all ages to promote our mission through community service and resource development.

Values Statement
Since its inception in 1974, the Chatham COA has worked to unify the community in enriching the lives of our over 60 population and those who are caregivers. We offer a wide range of programs and services which are health and wellness oriented and which promote congenial, social and educational opportunities. As a dynamic organization the COA must work in these times to meet the evolving needs of Chatham’s over 60 population. To that end the COA shall be guided by these core values:

We welcome all residents, both those age 60 and over who are eligible for our services and those of all ages who wish to contribute volunteer service to their community.

We affirm the dignity and value of all Chatham residents.

We safeguard privacy and confidentiality.

We commit to ongoing outreach efforts to identify the needs of at-risk residents age 60 and over, and in partnership with other agencies and resources, arrange for consultation, intervention and referral as needed.

We celebrate the contributions of all who partake in and support COA’s programs and services.

We commit to ongoing research and evaluation to identify new needs and self-assess our effectiveness.



Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Mandi Speakman Director (508) 945-5190
Deborah Mayhew Secretary 508-945-5190
Nancy Michniewicz Receptionist (508) 945-5190
Maura Hall Program Coordinator 508-945-5190
Eva Orman Outreach Coordinator (508) 945-5190
Stephanie Shea Outreach Coordinator (508) 945-5190
Stephen M. Heffron Van Driver (508) 945-5190
Paul Robinson Van Driver 508-945-5190
Roger W. Kallstrom Van Driver 508-945-5190
Richard Hosmer Van Driver 508-945-5190
Ralph Spaduzzi Van Driver 508-945-5190