Water Related Regulations

Waterways By-laws

Chapter 265

Mooring Regulations

Mooring, mooring permits & anchoring

Waterways User PermitWaterways User Permit Regulations

Mooring Inspection Form

Required inspection form to be submitted at least every two years.

Qualified Mooring Inspectors

List of qualified mooring inspectors as of March 22, 2018

Commercial Rental Moorings/Slips Fair & Equitable Policy


Town Landing Float / Dock Regulations

Town Dock & Float Usage

Marine Sanitation Device / Pollution Control

Codes for standard MSD's

Haul Out & Winter Storage Regulations

Haul Out & Storage Regulations

Use of Public Moorings

Transient Moorings

Town Landing Regulations

Town Landings Usage

Fish Pier Regulations


Fish Pier Regulations


Personal Watercraft (PWC)

Operating By-Law

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

Restricted Area Map