Open Space Committee

Please submit correspondence to the Staff Liaison. Please note that all such electronic correspondence is considered a public record. Correspondence containing requests for public records will be responded to by the Staff Liaison in compliance MGL Ch. 66, §10 within 10 days of receipt. All other correspondence and materials submitted will be forwarded by the Staff Liaison to the Board/Committee Chair, with a copy to Members/Commissioners and person sending request/comment, for potential scheduling of discussion on an upcoming public meeting agenda.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Robert Duncanson, Ph.D Staff Liaison (508) 945-5165
Nicole Smith (508) 945-5164

Board Members

Name Title
Jack Farrell Chair (2021)
Diane "DeeDee" Holt Alternate Member (2021)
David Doherty Clerk, CCF Representative (2021)
George Cooper Member (2022)
Michael Tompsett Member (2022)
Shareen Davis BOS Liaison