Railroad Museum Group

The Chatham Railroad Museum is contained in the beautifully restored 1887 railroad depot that served Chatham residents and visitors for many years. Featuring an architectural style called Railroad Gothic the depot contains hundreds of exhibits and the New York Central model locomotives in use at the 1939 New York World’s Fair. The Museum is child friendly and includes a 1910 restored caboose available for children to explore. Donations are accepted. Handicapped accessible.

Although the museum building is owned by the Town of Chatham, the museum is managed by the Chatham Railroad Museum Group with many members having backgrounds in the American railroad industry. Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and act as trustees, coordinating the 50 volunteers who serve as museum docents during the summer season.

SUBMITTING ELECTRONIC CORRESPONDENCE: Please submit correspondence to the Staff Liaison. Please note that all such electronic correspondence is considered a public record. Correspondence containing requests for public records will be responded to by the Staff Liaison in compliance MGL Ch. 66, §10 within 10 days of receipt. All other correspondence and materials submitted will be forwarded by the Staff Liaison to the Board/Committee Chair, with a copy to Members/Commissioners and person sending request/comment, for potential scheduling of discussion on an upcoming public meeting agenda.   

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Terry Whalen (508) 945-5194

Board Members

Name Title
Jim Aaron Member (Until Work Completed)
Donald Aikman Member (Until Work Completed)
John E. Gulow Member (Until Work Completed)
Stephen Hart Member (Until Work Completed)
Ron Kelley Member (Until Work Completed)
Bill Koerner Member (Until Work Completed)
Ryder Martin Member (Until Work Completed)
Dick Boberg Member (Advisor)
Robert Shafter Member (Until Work Completed)
Gil Sparks Member (Until Work Completed)
Peter K. Cocolis BOS Liaison