South Coastal Harbor Management Plan

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Table of Contents

South Coastal Harbor Management Plan

List of Figures, Tables and Charts


Executive Summary


Section I

Framework of The Plan

Chapter I

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Section II

Stage Harbor Complex

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Harbor Facilities and Activities: Management Issues and Recommendations for the Stage Harbor Complex

Section III

Southway Complex

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Harbor Facilities and Natural Resources: Management Issues and Recommendations  for the Southway

Section IV

Nantucket Sound Complex

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Harbor Facilities and Natural Resources: Management Issues and Recommendations for Nantucket Sound

Section V

Implementation Plan

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - Implementation Plan



Appendix A

Maps of the South Coastal Harbor Management Area

Fig 1

Harbor Planning Areas

Fig 2

Regulatory Jurisdictions

Fig 3

Public and Private Access Facilities

Fig 3 - Key


Fig 4

Waterways Designations

Fig 5

Fish Weir Permit Sites

Fig 6

Shoreline Structures

Fig 7

Shellfish Propogation Areas and Closed Areas

Fig 8

Shellfish Habitat

Fig 9

Shellfish Habitat

Fig 10

Shellfish Habitat

Fig 11

Coastal Submerged Rooted Vascular Plant Habitat (July 1999)

Fig 12

Coastal Wetlands

Fig 13

NHESP Habitats for Rare and Endangered Species

Appendix B

Members of the Stage Harbor Management Plan Implementation Committee

Appendix C

Secretarial Approval of the Stage Harbor Comprehensive Management Plan

Appendix D


Appendix E

Executive Office of Environmental Affairs Approval of the South Coastal Harbor Management Plan