Water & Sewer Advisory Committee

Committee Charge:
The Water & Sewer Advisory Committee shall provide advice and recommendations to the Water & Sewer Commissioners regarding the water and sewer systems for the Town of Chatham. Duties shall include the following: (a) initial review and adjudicate applications appealed to the Water & Sewer Advisory Committee for abatement of water or sewer charges; (b) review of all non-residential applications for an increase in sewer flow; (c) review of operating and capital budgets of the Water and Sewer Department; (d) perform periodic review for modifications of the Town’s water and sewer regulations; and, (e) perform periodic review for modifications to the rate structure for water and sewer charges. Public comment will be considered and all recommendations shall be forwarded to the Water & Sewer Commissioners.

Please submit correspondence to the Staff Liaison. Please note that all such electronic correspondence is considered a public record. Correspondence containing requests for public records will be responded to by the Staff Liaison in compliance MGL Ch. 66, §10 within 10 days of receipt. All other correspondence and materials submitted will be forwarded by the Staff Liaison to the Board/Committee Chair, with a copy to Members/Commissioners and person sending request/comment, for potential scheduling of discussion on an upcoming public meeting agenda.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Thomas Temple (508) 945-5155

Board Members

Name Title
Charles J. Bartlett Member (2021)
George Cooper Member (2019)
Debbie Aikman Member (2020)
Larry Sampson Member (2019)
Dean P. Nicastro BOS Liaison