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The Town of Chatham has an Open Town Meeting form of government meaning that any registered voter may vote at Town Meeting.  Town Meeting is the legislative body of the Town. It convenes, at least annually at the time and place designated by the Select Board. Town Meeting considers and adopts an annual operating budget. It also considers and acts upon other matters which require Town Meeting action such as zoning changes, street acceptances, by-law additions and amendments. The business of each Town Meeting is contained in a document known as "the Warrant" which includes all matters on which the Town will act. The Warrant is mailed to all registered in advance of the Town Meeting. Articles are inserted in the Warrant by the Select Board and by Citizen Petition. The order of the articles is determined by the Select Board.

2023 Information:

*Deadline to Register to Vote for Both Events was Wednesday, April 26th

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  1. 2023 Annual Town Meeting (May 6, 2023)
  2. 2022 Annual Town Meeting
  3. 2021 Special Town Meeting (October  23, 2021)
  4. 2021 Annual Town Meeting (June 12, 2021)
  5. 2020 Special Town Meeting (October 3, 2020)
  6. 2020 Annual Town Meeting (June 22, 2020)
  7. 2020 Special Town Meeting (March 7, 2020)
  8. 2020 Special Town Meeting (January 4, 2020)
  9. 2019 Annual Town Meeting
  10. 2018 Annual Town Meeting
  11. 2017 Annual Town Meeting
  12. 2017 Special Town Meeting
  13. 2016 Annual Town Meeting
  14. 2015 Annual Town Meeting
  15. 2014 Annual Town Meeting
  16. 2013 Annual Town Meeting
  17. 2013 Special Town Meeting
  18. 2012 Annual Town Meeting